A Key Gardening Tool – The Compost Bin

gardening toolUtilizing a compost bin is the most natural way to fertilize your flower beds and garden. These powerful tools are incredibly rich in nutrients and are completely organic. If you are new to the world of composting, then you are probably full of questions. This article is designed to provide you with all of the key things that you need to know to get started off on the right foot with your compost gardening adventure.

Many people do not know where to keep their compost bucket. Oftentimes, they just keep it outside near the garden. If you do this, you will begin to notice an excruciating smell. This is because the heat promotes bacteria growth. This also stunts the natural nutrients that a compost generates. To get the most from your compost, you are going to need to store your compost bucket in a very cold place, like a freezer. This will ensure that your compost is less smelly and more rich in the good nutrients that will help your plants grow.

Try to make sure that you turn your compost regularly. If you do not mix your compost often enough, then it will not break down evenly. This means that your compost mix will not be as evenly full of nutrients, making it less effective. Also, when you turn your compost often, you promote a more rapid break down of nutrients, which will ensure that the composting process is more quick.

A good compost will have a healthy balance between nitrogen rich materials and carbon rich materials. Each of these natural elements is key to healthy plant growth. If you get a good balance between these materials, then your compost will be optimized to promote growth.

Try to avoid too much acidic or alkaline substances. If you have a high concentration of these sorts of substances then your compost will be less effective. Further, if your compost is particularly acidic, then your plants could even die.

Try to ensure that your bin is in direct and full sunlight. This will ensure that your plants get enough energy from the sun to use the nutrients in the bin. This is an often overlooked component that could mean the difference between success and failure.

Try to encourage earthworms in your garden. Earthworms have been shown to break down the nutrients in your garden so that they are more easily digestible by your garden plants. This will instantly boost the health of your garden in a powerful way. Also make sure that you shred your paper before you add it to the compost. This will ensure that the paper will break down more evenly.

When you begin a compost you are probably full of questions. This article has hopefully helped you get a better understanding of how to create a compost. Having a compost will ensure that your garden gets a constant supply of rich, dark fertilizer and that your plants get all the nutrients that they need.

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